Awesome TurtleBot3 Projects


TurtleBot3 is official hardware open platform and fully compatible with ROS. It is released on June in last year and have been interested from a lot of peoples, such as students, researchers, makers and hobbyists.

So i was wondering, what would people who bought the TurtleBot3 do with it??

I found some awesome projects with TurtleBot3 in Youtube
(The order is not important)

  1. Voice Teleop Test

  2. Controlling TurtleBot3 from Windows using NEP

  3. TurtleBot3 follows DashGo

  4. Running TurtleBot3 on AWS

  5. Hector SLAM

  6. Autonomous exploration

  7. Autonomous radiation mapping

  8. CARMA radiation hotspot mapping and avoidance

  9. Apply Q-Learning to Obstacle Avoidance

If you have been doing your own project with TB3, you could share it what you make it :slight_smile:

(Pyo) #2



(Pyo) #3

x. SLAM at home with Turtlebot3

(Pyo) #4

x. Turtlebot3 SLAM Implementation

(Pyo) #5

x. BallBot Project using the TurtleBot3 by Technische Universität Darmstadt

(Pyo) #6

x. GdR TurtleBot Challenge 2018 - Final Match - “Monka” vs. “Ninja Turtle”

(Pyo) #7

New RTLS solution for robotics

(Mansoo Jang) #8

Wow. It’s very nice video~

(Pyo) #9

The color tracker which is built with OpenCV library is used with TB3 Waffle Pi in Gazebo.

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Replace this threads as a YouTube list.

(Lalu Garin Alham) #11

Hi, I’m also start using TurtleBot3 with the LDS-01. I have one question, do you know how to change the LIDAR’s RPM/scan rate?

(Pyo) #12

Hi @lalu.alham

In case of LDS-01, it is recommended to use with specifications specified by the manufacturer.
You can’t change the RPM or Scan Rate you mentioned.

(Fabio de Miranda) #13

I put together a playlist with videos using the Turtlebot 3 made by my students

All of them have object tracking and following using the raspicam while using the IMU and LDS to survive




Wonderful!!! Is that mini LCD and Buttons are connected with Raspberry Pi 3??

(Fabio de Miranda) #15

Yes! That’s a mini display

It’s an I2C OLED SSD 1306 0,96 inch display connected to the Pi 3.