Download the 'ROS Robot Programming' Book for Free!

Wow! That’s a good suggestion. Thank you for letting me know before translating.

I am licensing this book in different languages. The publisher ‘Ruby Paper’ has Korean version, and the publisher ‘Ohmsha’ has a Japanese version. English and Chinese versions are owned by publisher ‘ROBOTIS’.

I don’t have a plan on publishing other languages, but you can translate them if you want.
However, it must be a public version and be available for free users. If it satisfies this condition, I am ok. :slight_smile:

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thx alot for this book :heart_eyes:
this book obviously encourage me to jump into ROS and make my bot ROSified within very short time.

but still, as a beginner in ROS, i still have something out of my mind.
let’s say, i have intel realsense on hand, and that cheap ¥1000 chinese YDLidar, they come with handy ROS driver as u mentioned in this book. going with that D415 or D435 is still a nice way to go for the upcoming years unless someday velodyne offers us super sale discount at $500.:money_mouth_face:

how about motor controller? i only know to plug them all to USB port. sure, i do have the protocol or AT command to send command or query for some info. in short, i can make those motors move, spinning, even from the shell, as easy as accessing the ttyUSB0 (for example), and send the text command, and done. or just read it the replied info to get some information.

but what should i do next with this unROSified controller?
where should i write all of these AT commands?
or should i stick with only ROSified controller such as roboteq?
well, not many options left :sob:
at least for now.

i have visited many forums, googling for days, reading your book also, but still no idea how to deal with the unROSified controllers.
so far i only found… ROSserial :sob:
yup… “connect the controller to arduino and use ROSserial, then connect that arduino to your PC” :sob:

if u don’t mind, would u please give me a clue where should i go next?
that would be a big help for me to get my bot ROSified and start with confident to enter the ROS jungle and sure… start my journey.

anyway, this book is really great for me and anyone who want to jump to ROS. it’s really clear on describing ROS and encourage ppl like me to place bet on ROS :rofl:

thx alot for creating this book. even u r really nice for translating this book into chinese.
perhaps someday i will have chance to treat u guys for some beer and let my bot serve us on the beach.


Hi @simba,
I would appreciate it if you post a new question or a general article. :smile:

Thank you very much for this amazing book! @Pyo.
I added it to goodreaders. Could you please edit the information if there is anything wrong?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @SubhiH,

Thank you for adding to the list. How about adding a download link like this:
Free Download Link: Download the 'ROS Robot Programming' Book for Free!

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Sure! I really liked the book and found it very beneficial. Thanks!

I have been going through the book and the videos. I can see how much excellent work and care went into it which I really appreciate!

I do have a question - and I don’t want to sound ungrateful :slight_smile:

My students use python not c++ for their work, and I believe there is a quite a large subset of the community using Python. I am wondering why C++ was chosen for the book, and also whether there are any plans in the works for a Python ‘translation’ of the book or of the slides?

Again please don’t be mad at me for asking. The book is fantastic!

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Hi @pitosalas,
I appreciate your attention and consideration. The ROS supports various programming languages such as Java, JS as well as C ++ and Python. I know that in recent years, Python users have become quite large and easy to use. The TurtleBot3 we are developing also adds python code to a large percentage of the packages we have recently added.

The reason I explain it in C ++ in the book is that I need to deal with the source code of the embedded board like Chapter #9. However, the two languages were unified rather than explained. I don’t plan on releasing the revision described in python code. However, if you have a chance then, I will be publishing a book or content that will only be described in the python language. There is no plan yet. :slight_smile:

I am very grateful that you gave me a good opinion. Thanks. :smile:

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Thanks again.

I hand’t come across this discourse board before. Where should we participate if we are working with Robotis Turtlebot3, here or in I want to make sure that my questions are seen by the right community!

Hi @pitosalas
ROS Overall questions are, TurtleBot3 related questions, please use the link below Github issue. Here robotsource is an overall forum for robot development. Anything related to robots is good. :smile:

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I cannot download the material when I try to open the link, I get an error saying “Your connection is not private” with an error ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. I tried opening it from different browsers but I still had the same problem. Any Ideas?

Hi @Manne,
I just tested it and can download it without problems like image below.

Apologies, It was a network error, my university was blocking it. It worked from my home network. Thank you

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Ok, Thank you for your reply. When I have finished translate to Thai. I’ll let you know again.


Hello @Pyo

Are you planning to publish a kindle version of this book ? I do most of my book readings on kindle and I will be more than happy to help in publishing this book to kindle if you need my help.

Thank you for making this book accessible. I’m new to robotics but not technology. I hope to expand my knowledge base into the field of robotics.

Soy de Mexico Puebla, Exelente libro. Exelente aportacion a la comunidad estudiantil saludos

Thank you for your effort. Excellent !

The " [ROS机器人编程 (中文)]" links is broken,could you re-upload that? Please.

Thanks , It’s really appreciate for me :slight_smile: