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Thanks for sharing this resource! It’s great to have a recent ROS book.

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Thank you very much.

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Thanks for your contribution, 非常感谢~

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Thank you very much and hope to be of great help~

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Thank you! looking forward to read this.
Very helpful to me

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Brings a tear to my eye! Thank you so much!

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Hi !

I am new, and honestly have no idea about robotics, But my dream is to be an astrounaut :small_airplane: and i will work on this in the next 10 years. It takes long time. And I am sure that robotics and AI will be a key part on the mission to Mars.

Thank you very much that you share this with the world, and dont ask money for it.

It will be frustating it will be boring sometimes. But try to be with people who inspire you and when you have positiv tought and energy dont hesitate share that with those people and you will get back when you are down, then together ore alone you will suceed !

Have a good day all ! :smile: :small_airplane:

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just wow!
this is a great book. great.
thank you ROBOTIS team you are great…:heart_eyes:

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Thanks very much for being so generous with your book. It is very much appreciated.


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Thank you very for this outstanding work and leting it free for open community.

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Thank you, this looks good!

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Thank you. Finally, I got the copy :slight_smile: