Download the 'ROS Robot Programming' Book for Free!

(Pyo) #43

Hi @simba,
I would appreciate it if you post a new question or a general article. :smile:


(Soubhi Hadri) #44

Thank you very much for this amazing book! @Pyo.
I added it to goodreaders. Could you please edit the information if there is anything wrong?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @SubhiH,

Thank you for adding to the list. How about adding a download link like this:
Free Download Link: Download the 'ROS Robot Programming' Book for Free!

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(Soubhi Hadri) #46

Sure! I really liked the book and found it very beneficial. Thanks!


(Pito Salas) #47

I have been going through the book and the videos. I can see how much excellent work and care went into it which I really appreciate!

I do have a question - and I don’t want to sound ungrateful :slight_smile:

My students use python not c++ for their work, and I believe there is a quite a large subset of the community using Python. I am wondering why C++ was chosen for the book, and also whether there are any plans in the works for a Python ‘translation’ of the book or of the slides?

Again please don’t be mad at me for asking. The book is fantastic!

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(Pyo) #48

Hi @pitosalas,
I appreciate your attention and consideration. The ROS supports various programming languages such as Java, JS as well as C ++ and Python. I know that in recent years, Python users have become quite large and easy to use. The TurtleBot3 we are developing also adds python code to a large percentage of the packages we have recently added.

The reason I explain it in C ++ in the book is that I need to deal with the source code of the embedded board like Chapter #9. However, the two languages were unified rather than explained. I don’t plan on releasing the revision described in python code. However, if you have a chance then, I will be publishing a book or content that will only be described in the python language. There is no plan yet. :slight_smile:

I am very grateful that you gave me a good opinion. Thanks. :smile:

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(Pito Salas) #49

Thanks again.

I hand’t come across this discourse board before. Where should we participate if we are working with Robotis Turtlebot3, here or in I want to make sure that my questions are seen by the right community!


(Pyo) #50

Hi @pitosalas
ROS Overall questions are, TurtleBot3 related questions, please use the link below Github issue. Here robotsource is an overall forum for robot development. Anything related to robots is good. :smile:

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(Manne) #51


I cannot download the material when I try to open the link, I get an error saying “Your connection is not private” with an error ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. I tried opening it from different browsers but I still had the same problem. Any Ideas?


(Pyo) #52

Hi @Manne,
I just tested it and can download it without problems like image below.


(Manne) #53

Apologies, It was a network error, my university was blocking it. It worked from my home network. Thank you

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(Thanaphon SPK) #54

Ok, Thank you for your reply. When I have finished translate to Thai. I’ll let you know again.



(Muthanna Attyah) #55

Hello @Pyo

Are you planning to publish a kindle version of this book ? I do most of my book readings on kindle and I will be more than happy to help in publishing this book to kindle if you need my help.


(Vito Linz) #56

Thank you for making this book accessible. I’m new to robotics but not technology. I hope to expand my knowledge base into the field of robotics.