Missing raspi-config for Raspicam to enable it


I am trying to follow the instruction to install the camera for the Raspberry Pi. I am trying to enable the raspicam for my turtlebot. I notice that the only way is to do it through raspi-config; however, it is missing in the Noetic or Melodic image. Does anyone know which version of raspi-config for RP3 B+ with either ROS Noetic or Melodic?

I have a related question about the camera, a necessary element of Autorace2000 functions. The Installation Instructions describe Kinetic repositories, not Noetic. There is no raspi-config functionality in the Ubuntu 20 Command line only Server .Also, can you confirm that the Ubiquity raspicam source scripts will compile in Ubuntu 20.04/ROS Noetic?s

I was able to catkin_make the source from Ubiquity once I follow the steps to source install it. Make sure to change where they mention kinetic to the one you are using (i.e., I use Noetic so I change a line from Kinetic to Noetic). My current error is raspi-config is needed to enable the camera. The Robotis guide seems to have an assumption that we have it, which it does not.