Turtlebot3 RemotePC and SBC Install for Ubuntu 20.04/ROS Noetic

Successfully did the recently posted eManual Install for Noetic for a Raspberry4B/4GB SBC and Linux Laptop RemotePC. Thank you and look forward to updating and running my original Kinetic Turtlebot3. SBC install perfect! For RemotePC from Ubuntu repository - 2 Comments 1: Suggest adding “sudo apt install curl” near the beginning of the script as that package was not included, 2. Its not possible to install a Wiimote Package due unavailable dependencies. Keyboard, PS3 and 4 Teleop work well. Additional suggestion is to include installing and enabling avahi-daemon on the RemotePC and SBC to use host names in the .bashrc instead of numeric IP addresses.

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Hi @red24dog
Thank you for your feedback and glad to hear that you were successfully upgraded with RPi4.
I’ll make sure to include the curl installing command in the beginning.
Noetic is still somewhat limited compare to the prosperous Kinetic in terms of supported packages, but hope these will be updated and supported.
Although I may not be able to introduce all those amazing packages that makes our lives much easier, this thread will be a very good reference and resource.
I’ll try the avahi-daemon on my TB3 so that I don’t need to write down the IP address.