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Hi RobotSource members,

I am pleased to announce a new ROS Online Course, this course is a ROS robot programming guide based on the experiences we had accumulated from ROS projects like TurtleBot3, OpenCR and OpenManipulator. We tried to make this a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects necessary for a beginner in ROS. Topics such as embedded system, mobile robots, and robot arms programmed with ROS are included. For those who are new to ROS, there are footnotes throughout the “ROS Robot Programming” Handbook providing more information on the web. Through this course and book, we hope that more people will be aware of and participate in bringing forward the ever-accelerating collective knowledge of Robotics Engineering. Enjoy this summer studying ROS! :smile:

:heavy_check_mark: Free Online Course!
:heavy_check_mark: Basic ROS learning from basics, simulators, applied to real robots!
:heavy_check_mark: We share a 500-page book for free!
:heavy_check_mark: All lecture materials and source code are opened!

:black_small_square: What you will learn from this course

  • From the basic concept to practical robot application programming!
  • ROS Basic concept, instructions and tools
  • How to use sensor and actuator packages on ROS
  • Embedded board for ROS : OpenCR1.0
  • SLAM & Navigation with TurtleBot3
  • How to program a delivery robot using ROS Java
  • OpenManipulator simulation using MoveIt! and Gazebo

:black_small_square: Youtube Playlist

:black_small_square: Lecture Materials

:black_small_square: Download the ‘ROS Robot Programming’ Book for Free!

  • Check out RobotSource for Download
  • This Handbook is written for college students and graduate students who want to learn robot programming based on ROS (Robot Operating system) and also for professional researchers and engineers who work on robot development or software programming.
    We have tried to offer detailed information we learned while working on TurtleBot3 and OpenManipulator. We hope this book will be the complete handbook for beginners in ROS and more people will contribute to the ever-growing community of open robotics.
  • Chapter 01 Robot Software Platform
  • Chapter 02 Robot Operating System
  • Chapter 03 Configuring the ROS Development Environment
  • Chapter 04 Important Concepts of ROS
  • Chapter 05 ROS Commands
  • Chapter 06 ROS Tools
  • Chapter 07 Basic ROS Programming
  • Chapter 08 Robot Sensor Motor
  • Chapter 09 Embedded System
  • Chapter 10 Mobile Robots
  • Chapter 11 SLAM and Navigation
  • Chapter 12 Service Robot
  • Chapter 13 Manipulator

:black_small_square: Manuals for TurtleBot3, OpenCR, OpenManipulator

:black_small_square: Open Source: Tutorials, TurtleBot3, OpenCR, OpenManipulator

(Soubhi Hadri) #2

You are amazing!
Huge work and for free!
Thank you very much!